The Business Advantage of Having an All Year Tropical Weather

Many people don’t realize that businessmen actually consider the general weather of a particular location if ever they contemplate setting up shop there. It’s not just the presence of the target market that makes a business successful. Other factors like accessibility of location, and yes, weather, can also affect the sales pull of any commercial establishment.

Sunny Day in Australia

Now, it is generally considered an advantage if the location has a tropical weather all year round. Notice that when it’s raining or snowing, most would rather stay at home instead of braving the wet and cold. People tend to be in the mood to go out regularly and spend their money on things and activities that can be enjoyed in this type of weather.

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We’re talking about clothes, shoes, bags, even cars. Entrepreneurs selling summer apparel will be able to sell their wares all year round. Luxury cars and convertibles will be useless in a wintry location (which is the same for basically most of the affordable and functional models today).

Summer Apparel

Agricultural businesses also thrive in tropical weather. Produce and livestock tend to grow better and multiply faster. Also, if you need help getting an ABN for an agricultural business, can definitely help you.

There are more things you can do and enjoy outdoors when it’s warm and sunny. That also means more opportunities for businessmen to sell services and amenities. Examples of these businesses are outdoor and sports adventure tours (hiking, trekking), beach resorts, food carts along the street, flower shops, outdoor night markets, and many more.

Outdoor Adventure: Hiking

It is also safer to conduct most services when everything’s not wet from rain or snow. Examples of jobs that are less dangerous in tropical weather are those in the electrical services, welding, transportation (land, water and air), couriers and cargo, and so forth. Minimum risks mean reduced liability and expense for businessmen.

The Similarities of Hawaii and Australia

Alex O'Loughlin

Actor Alex O’Laughlin, an Australian native and one of the cast members of the popular police drama television series Hawaii Five O, once remarked that the island of Hawaii is very similar to Australia. He specifically cited similarities with Queensland.

Watch the Bloopers on Season 3 below:

It’s easy to see why the actor made such an observation. Hawaii is best known for its beautiful beaches, exotic flowers, and the locals with their hospitality and impressive show of hula dancing and onstage fire exhibitions. There’s also the tropical fruits and food. When you go to Hawaii, you cannot miss tasting the local spam and various seafood dishes.

Australia is also more or less the same. As an island country it has thousands of kilometres of beaches all over the country. The government and businessmen capitalize on this attraction, and so, 5-star resorts are built showcasing the best views and swimming spots. At night, you can almost expect a hula dance and fire poi, among other things, for entertainment.

Tropical food is also grown and imported in Australia. They’re not lacking for pineapple, watermelons, and mangoes, for example. Of course, Australians also have their own cuisines. They may not be exactly similar to Hawaii, but it’s unlikely that the goal has ever been to follow everything about the islands across the Pacific.

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Austraillia Surfing Paradise

The most important similarity, the one that makes people think that the two really are very similar, is the climate. Hawaii may be warm and sunny all year round while Australia experiences winter and cold temperatures in the evenings. However, come summer and the climate and atmosphere in Australia, especially in the riverside towns, will be very similar to Hawaii.